Useful Info

General. Based on our own holiday experiences Villa Doyan has been furnished and equipped to meet the needs of guests for a stress free holiday.
Electrical Appliances. Electric power supply is the same as the UK right down to the plug type so phone chargers, hair straighteners etc. will work without the need for adapters. An iron, ironing board and hairdryer are available for use by guests

Bed linen and towels. Bed linen, blankets and pillows are all provided, as are bathroom towels and bath mats. However you will need to bring your own beach towels for use around the pool or at the beach.

Telephone. Two pay-as-you-go mobile phones are provided for use by guests. Full instructions on adding credits is provided - we just ask that, if you do use it, you top it back up before you leave.

Internet/WiFi. Is available for no charge at the villa.

Swimming Pool. The swimming pool has a shallow end of approx 1m and a deep end of 2.3m.

Children. The villa has been built to take advantage of the natural slope of the land with patio and gardens at different levels. This, combined with the obvious hazard of the swimming pool, means that it may be unsuitable for toddlers or very young children unless you are prepared to watch over them constantly.

Drinking Water. The water from the taps is safe to drink when boiled, but we recommend purchasing bottled water which is freely available in the local supermarkets.

Self Catering. The nearest supermarkets to the Villa are Tempo in Karaoglanoglu, 5 mins by car, and Lemar, 10 mins by car. Many European brands are available but are typically more expensive than local brands. Local brands offer many alternatives, but some of their labels may need a bit of reading! All supermarkets stock long life milk which is reasonably palatable. Fresh milk is available but only at certain supermarkets.

Car Hire. Car hire costs from around UK£15 per day. Standard UK driving licenses (new or old style) are fine. Driving is the same as the UK - on the left. If you would like help with car hire we would be happy to assist you.

Arrival at the Airport. Ercan airport is about 45 minutes drive away. Most car hire companies will pick you up from the airport (or deliver the car to the airport), if you are hiring a car for more than 3 days. Otherwise there are usually plenty of taxis waiting at the airport. Alternatively, you can fly into Larnaca and then get a taxi to the villa. Again, if you would like any help with flights and/or transfers we would be happy to assist you.

Health Advice for Travellers. Health Information - No immunisation or vaccinations are required. The UK Government has produced a useful free booklet entitled Health Advice for Travellers (T5) - available from the local Department of Health office or by telephoning the Health Literature Line in the UK on 0800 555 777. There are good modern medical facilities in North Cyprus. Emergency casualties are dealt with free, but secondary care is charged for. It is important to have adequate medical travel insurance. If you require regular prescriptions then take a note from your Doctor, or a copy of the prescription. Most common medicines etc are readily available through local pharmacies.

Banking, Currency. Turkish Lira is the legal tender in Northern Cyprus (exchange rate is approximately 4 TL to the UK£) however many restaurants will be happy to accept UK pounds. All major currencies can easily be exchanged at banks, (plenty of ATMs, cash dispensers, with instructions in English), exchange bureaus or even at restaurants. All major credit cards are accepted (such as Access, Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa, Diner's Club, etc...).

European Union. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is not a member of the EU. Customs limitations are that of a non-EU country. Only the Greek South of the island became a member of the EU in April 2004.

Passports & Visas. There is no need for a visa for North Cyprus , but you will require a valid passport, and it should have at least 3 months to run, or you may have problems. For more information please contact the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) London Office which can be found at: 29 Bedford Square, London WC1, Tel: 0207 631 1920
Fax: 0207 631 1948.

Guest Comments

Thank you so much, we thoroughly enjoyed yet another wonderful holiday at your beautiful villa.

The Franks Family